‘Day of Action’ – Kentucky Teachers Strike Goes to the Capital

by Al Bloomfield

Saturday April 14, 2018

FRANKFORT, KENTUCKY – Kentucky teachers are on strike! The Kentucky Education Association called for a “Day of Action” for Friday at the Kentucky state Capitol of Frankfort in which thousands of teachers protested for better pay and to save their pensions from a Republican-controlled legislature led by Republican Governor Matt Bevin. Dozens of Kentucky public school districts canceled Friday classes so that as many teachers and staff as possible could attend the teachers’ rally in Frankfort.

The teachers are against a pension reform bill that Governor Bevin signed into law. Under the new law, newly hired teachers would have to enter a hybrid cash balance plan rather than a traditional pension plan, and there would be limitations on new sick days put towards retirement. The governor’s vetoes on the state budget bill and revenue bill – both critical to public education funding – are also opposed by the teachers. But Friday night, the Kentucky Senate voted to override Governor Bevin’s vetoes. Inspired by the successful teachers’ strike in West Virginia, teachers in Kentucky and Oklahoma have gone on strike for better wages, better conditions and to save their pensions.

Sources of information for this report included MSNBC and CNN.

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  1. Of course they can go on strike. We are Americans, we don’t stand for injustice. They should get paid more. They teach the future. They put up with nonsense that sends them home in ears each day. They DESERVE the money and the pension.
    Ocala, FL , USA

  2. It’s their right to protest night completely support what they are protesting for. Teachers educate the youth which is a very important job they deserve more money in the receiving now,

    Xander Bloomfield
    Bellview,FL USA

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