Who’s Who in the Syrian Civil War?


by Al Bloomfield

Saturday April 14, 2018

DAMASCUS, SYRIA – The Syrian Civil War is more than a conflict between the dynastic dictatorship of President Bashar al-Assad and various rebel groups. It is one of the most (if not the most) complex and multifaceted civil war in all of human history. Dr. Assad (for he is a medical doctor) inherited the government, the people and the nation of Syria from his father, General Hafez al-Assad – thus forming an authentic dynasty without a crown. The ruling House of Assad belongs to the Alawite religious sect of the Shiite denomination of the Islamic religion. The Alawites are a religious minority in Syria that dominates the government and military. Although Syria is a Sunni Muslim majority country, the Muslims of the Sunni denomination of the Islamic religion are marginalized in Syrian society by the pro-Alawite, pro-Shiite Assad regime where the Shiite minority dominates the government and military. That is the first complication – a minority dictatorship that marginalizes the majority.

The second and the larger complication is the tangle of alliances among the combatants. Syria’s allies include Russia (her closest ally), Iran (a Shiite majority Islamic country), and Hezbollah. The latter is a kind of stateless political party, terrorist organization and social services organization all rolled up in one – sort of like a politicized version of the National Urban League, but with guns!

Russia has Russian Army troops on the ground in Syria as well as Russian mercenaries and civilian contractors. Russia has been allied to Syria since the Cold War days of President Hafez al-Assad. President Vladimir Putin of the Russian Federation has sold President Bashar al-Assad war planes, other weapons, as well as assisted in the production of chemical weapons for Syria.

The mullahs of Iran have thousands of militiamen in Syria, have helped to train Syria’s soldiers and sent vast stores of arms to Dr. Assad’s government. Lebanon-based Hezbollah fights for Dr. Assad against the rebels because they depend upon Syria and Iran for their weapons which they use to fight Israel.

Against the Syrian dictatorship and its allies is the Free Syrian Army composed of Syrian Army deserters. It is a fractiously factional group on the losing side of a very bloody war. Jabhat al Nusra (al-Nusra Front) – a terrorist organization that has pledged allegiance to al-Qa’ida and wants to destroy the United States, is fighting President Assad’s regime. But they are not necessarily an ally of the Free Syrian Army – which they have attacked! Also, the Free Syrian Army (which has received support from the United States) contains some elements that the US government does not approve of. Thus the end result has been lackluster support for the Free Syrian Army by the United States. The Kurdish-dominated Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) is also fighting against the Assad regime. So, the Syrian Civil War is a war with multiple sides instead of just the normal two.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Emirate of Qatar – both Sunni majority monarchies – oppose the growing power of the Shiite-majority Iran, and have sent money and munitions to various rebel groups fighting against the Assad regime including terrorists, even over the objections of Washington.

A further complication has been the rise and decline of the Islamic State – a homicidal death cult empire infamous for its massacres and brutal executions – which is determined to conquer out- right Syria and Iraq as well as other regions of the Middle East. The Islamic State has been beaten back in its attempt to conquer Syria, massacring everyone of all sides who gets in their way. IS was attacked by the United States (which poorly supported the Free Syrian Army) thus making the United States seem to be a de facto ally of Bashar al-Assad – until American forces attacked Dr. Assad’s regime twice for the use of chemical weapons.

Rather than be weakened in the chaos of a multisided civil war, President Assad has adroitly manipulated these conditions to bring his regime on the battlefield within sight of total victory, despite the recent bombings of his chemical weapons facilities. The Syrian Civil War – which has killed nearly half a million people and displaced as refugees millions more – started as an outgrowth of the Arab Spring with street protests in Damascus calling on an end to the Assad dynasty. Protests turned violent and the Syrian Army’s guns opened fire. The Civil War began!

Sources of information for this report included CNN, MSNBC, ABC, USA Today, the Washington Post, Fox News, Al Jazeera and the Encyclopaedia Britannica.

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  1. Assad is an animal who killed his people for power, but he’s only there by the grace of the people and by the grace of the United States. He must learn that.

    Ocala, FL USA

  2. It is shocking. This sure has been a interesting presidency. I hope that nothing bad comes to the USA because of this multisided Syrian war.

    Ocala, FL USA

  3. As in my comment to the Syrian gas/ USA bombing, I see this Syrian Civil War in the light of NWO. This “Who’s who” does corroborate with detail I’ve heard/read, and have no reason to mistrust. BUT, the motives in all this are not herein named to be NWO, as I believe. E.g. why is it that “Syrian refugees” are sent to places that are not islamic already? Only 2 possible answers, and I consider them both undesirable: 1. spread of nwo, and laying more foundation for it. 2. spread of islam. Why is Angela Merkel, Germany, so eager for islam in Germany, AFTER saying, “Diversity is a failure.”, and meaning that spread of islam is undesirable, and a failure! My own opinion of why: She’s under nwo’s dictatorship, already, as is the EU. I believe nwo is USING MUSLIMS for the advance of nwo, while many, if not all, muslims believe that they’re on the warpath to dominate the world with islam. So BOTH nwo and islam are after the same thing: World domination. I doubt that nwo wants islam to dominate the world. If that’s true, at some point, nwo will thank islam for its destructive help, and tell islam to get lost. That’s not to think that nwo will be “better” than islam. As horrible as islam is, should we think that nwo, islam’s employer, is less horrible? NO. Already, nwo practices all manner of insanity and evil, e.g. destruction of family, pedophilia, child sacrifice to their devil, murder and destruction all over the world, using not only their muslim mercenaries, but almost every evil there is. NWO’s Henry Kissinger, said, “obama is to take us into the new world order.”, which is why obama was especially horrible. He was a new world order puppet for evil. (and still is, and still not executed for treason, after his NUMEROUS TREASONS). So I think Syrian troubles are more middle east fires, started by nwo, to increase the foundation for one world govt. And what is that foundation: the one their devil loves: DESTRUCTION. NWO thinks it can destroy every good thing all over the world, kill most of world population, and then take control of what remains. Doesn’t that look like what’s been going on in the world, especially since the obama defilement started? So I think we have both the theoretical evidence and the physical evidence that NWO destruction is what has been going on. Do you think increased troubles have just happened randomly and by coincidence? I don’t. Numerous facts have shown that it’s all orchestrated by the very evil NWO, that pretends, as Bush Sr. did, that it’s all for “world peace”, etc. LIES!

    Paul Zeigler
    Ocala, FL USA

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