To Avert a Constitutional Crisis – Senator Jeff Flake threatens President Donald Trump with impeachment if Special Consul Robert Mueller Is fired


by Al Bloomfield

Wednesday March 21, 2018

WASHINGTON, USA – US Senator Jeff Flake, a conservative Republican from Arizona was always attacked President Donald Trump from the Senate, informed the Washington Post during a Tuesday interview, that he would support impeachment proceedings against President Trump if the president ended the Russian interference investigation by firing Robert S Mueller III as special counsel “without cause” – the latter being the operative key phrase. Jeff Flake, who is a potential challenger to President Trump in the 2020 presidential race, compared the possibility of firing Esther Mueller unfavorably to present Richard Nixon’s infamous 1973 firing of independent special prosecutor Archibald Cox during the Watergate scandal. No one knows what the president will do. But over the last few days President Trump’s political and legal hurdles have increased along with his verbal attacks on the Mueller investigation.

Sources of information for this report included the Washington Post and MSNBC.

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  1. I don’t think Trump should fire Mueller. And I think Jeff Flake’s threats are mere theatrics. He even gives himself a lovely “out” by using the phrase “without cause”. Of course, Trump is going to have some legalisticly crafted “cause” for the special counsel’s firing should the President decide to do so.

    Al Bloomfield
    Belleview, Florida USA

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