Catastrophic Failure – Florida University Pedestrian Bridge Collapsed

by Al Bloomfield

Thursday March 15, 2018

MIAMI, FLORIDA – On Thursday, a pedestrian bridge under construction at Florida International University in downtown Miami suddenly collapsed across eight lanes of traffic along Tamiami Trail crushing eight cars and killing at least four people. Even before the dust had literally settled, Americans scrambled out of their cars to help each other.

Source of information for this report included Miami Herald and MSNBC.

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  1. When such events happen, the just question is what caused it and could it have been avoided. We’re not talking about material damage only, human lives are more precious. Experts must decide if ‘cutting corners’ or poor construction technique was used for this bridge or not. Sometimes they blame bad weather but in absence of high wind, human error is more likely.
    Not to mention traffic under the bridge could have been a lot more intense at the time of collapse… Victims deserve a proper explanation and compensations.

    Galati, Romania

  2. Whilst this is most sertainly a tragic inncedent it is to be expected. What I like to see is that when a bridge collapses Americans are ready to help which is good to see.

  3. For some reason this story reminded me of A Bridge close to me that was reconstructed, some how the contractor(s) ran into many problems and nearly had to start the project all over again. This is a tragedy for sure with lives lost. Seems like I vaguely remember another bridge that is local having construction problems. The bad part is that bridges are part of the Florida way of life, most people do not realize that the roads here were nearly all built with bridges or the roads with hairpin turns that twist around lakes and streams. I hope they are able to find out what happened here.


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