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by Al Bloomfield
Saturday March 10, 2018

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM – For the billions of Christians who have read their Bibles (there are over 2 billion Christians on Earth, most of them Catholic), the only description of Jesus of Nazareth – who is called the Christ and the Lamb of God by Christians – is to be found in Revelation 1:12-15 in which His red eyes and woolly hair are described along with His feet being like “burnished bronze, refined as in a furnace”. This is not a description of a white man.

Yet for nearly 2,000 years, Jesus Christ has been depicted in art in a way that is suspiciously Caucasian, even blatantly “Aryan”. Often, paintings of Christ seem to draw a somewhat uncanny resemblance to the ruthless son of Pope Alexander VI, Cesare Borgia.

But according to Joan Taylor – British historian and religious studies professor at King’s College London, Christ did not resemble Cesare Borgia. In her new book – “What Did Jesus Look like?” – she states that based on skeletal remains from people in Judea living in the time of Jesus, He had brown eyes, olive skin, black hair and a beard – both of which He probably kept short to avoid lice. He was probably about 5’5” in stature, and His clothing was probably not nearly so pristine as presented in portraits and in the movies.

Prof. Taylor is only the latest member of academia to shatter the “traditional” depiction of Jesus Christ. Israeli archaeologists, teaming up with British scientists, employing crime-busting forensic-styled anthropology, completed a 3-D model of the face of Christ. The finished model revealed the Son of God to be a dark-skinned Semite rather than a fair-skinned Aryan. This was reported in the January 2015 issue of “Popular Mechanics” magazine.

Sources of information for this report included the Bible and Newsweek.

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  1. Many years ago I was driving with my then girlfriend Nicci, and one of her guy friends asked me (out of nowhere and with ridicule in his tone), “Why do black people think that Jesus was black?” My immediate but casual response was, “Because it says so in the Bible.” He left it at that. I don’t think he was expecting that kind of an answer. And I answered the question the way I did only because of the way it was asked. I don’t believe Jesus Christ was a black man. I just emphatically believe that he was not white, and he most certainly was not some golden-haired Nazi Aryan.

    I remember a Jewish friend named P.G. Meskin telling me that the ancient Jews were “black”. Well, I guess that depends on how you define “black”. If a quarter of a percent of black blood make someone black, then virtually all Hispanic people are black. The Sicilians, most Corsicans and the southern Italians are black. And that’s all nonsense!

    I remember one of the prejudices that the Nazis had against the Jews was that the Hebrews (who most certainly started out as a Caucasian people given that they originated in Mesopotamia) during their wanderings acquired “oriental racial mixture and Negroid admixture”. (That sounds like part of a cake baking recipe. But that’s how Nazis talked when they were being “polite”.) How much “oriental” blood they acquired, and how much black “admixture” they acquired (probably when they were in Egypt as Egyptians racially ran the spectrum from tan-skinned white to brown-skinned black and all shadings in between) is not really the point. These bloodlines – that we conjecture about – seemed to have become a part of them, because the biblical description of Christ is like no white man on earth. And research into what people in that area looked like back then seems to back that up. This does not matter from a spiritual point of view. But I can see quite clearly now why God decreed in Mosaic law that Humans should not make graven images, because it leads to this kind of confusion. And it is hard to explain why any of this matters if you are whites.

    For nonwhite people, having everyone of significance in religion and history depicted as white, when they were not all white, makes one wonder why corrections aren’t being made and why there is opposition and even anger by some whites when it is brought up. Jesus Christ was not a white man.

    The Egyptians were not a white race any more than Brazilians are. The people of ancient Egypt, which any fool can tell by looking at the art, and need not read Herodotus, who actually went to ancient Egypt and saw their dark skin, can plainly see that the ancient Egyptians ran the gambit from tan-skinned white to brown skinned black and all shadings in between that we today would call mulatto or biracial. Many of their pharaohs were white. Most of them were brown skinned blacks or what we would call today mixed race, mulatto or biracial. And I’m not referring to the pharaohs of the 25th dynasty who were jet-black. Yet these facts are resented in academia.

    The 25th dynasty of Egypt emerged out of the Kingdom of Nubia to the south. But because it was never in doubt that Nubia was a black civilization (unlike Egypt which some fools thought for centuries was white), Nubia has never been properly excavated but has been very properly plundered.

    Attila the Hun was an Asian who looked like a Mongol instead of a creepy white man. His Asians conquered much of Europe, and for a while his Hunnic Empire was the most powerful in Europe threatening both the Roman Empire in the West and the Roman Empire in the East. So, for a while the most powerful empire in Europe was not European but Asiatic.

    In the case of the Moorish conquests of Spain, Corsica, Sicily and southern Italy – “the Moors” – is something of an umbrella term. The leaders of the invasion were most often white Arabs. But the large numbers of troops they commanded and brought over from North Africa were often black Africans. Yet both groups were called the Moors. These black troops, used as an army of occupation, left their racial imprint on the people they occupied. For what else is there to do in the country? And that helps to put things into perspective! We have all – including the exalted Europeans – been colonized by other races.

    Septimus Severus, the Roman Emperor, was a man of mixed racial heritage – Berber, Bedouin, Phoenician (all white ethnic groups) and African black. The portrait bears it out as his complexion is that of my father. My father did not look like a white man. Even in the idealized sculptures of the emperor, the excessively curly hair cannot be hidden. And we know that these busts were idealized, because none of them show the stubble that all men had back then as the clean-shaven look was not invented until the Renaissance. Augustus Caesar had terrible acne which is not evident on any statue of him. Since the Emperor Septimus Severus was a person of color, even though his wife was clearly Caucasian, his children – two of them becoming emperors of Rome themselves – were persons of color. And in the case of the Emperor Galba, one can see that.

    Alessandro il Moro de’ Medici, first reigning Duke of Florence, was the mulatto son of a Medici Pope and his black African servant who used to be a slave. Alessandro would be the last person of color to head a major Western government until the presidential inauguration of Barack Obama.

    Al Bloomfield
    Belleview, FL USA

    • NO. The Christ that all of Christendom prays too is a fraud in that the fist white man to ascend to the Black thrones of Egypt ‘Ptolomy 1 Lagi MeryAmun Setenre Sotor was white. He and his subsequent bloodline of 5 sons butchered, murdered, bribed, blackmailed their way into the black fabric of Egypt and onto the black thrones of the Pharaohs. Ptolemy IS the first to demand that he be treated as a god to the Black Egyptians: The black priesthood denied the quest and denounced him a lunatic. It is Ptolemy that is the take-off of what was to be the first white Christ worshiped in the world today. He now sits in the London Museum of History in England. 2. Pope Alexander the 6th aka Rodriguez Boglia of Italy gave express orders to Michelangelo Di Soto and Leonardo Devinci to create a white Christ. Michelangelo refuted the order stating that there was no precedent for a white christ for all of Europe, all of Alkebu-Lan (Africa)north to Turkey and the Latin nations were/are all black….,NOT WHITE! The Yahushuaa Ha Maashiak is black and was portrayed as such across all to christiandom at that time: Leonardo Devinci won the commission of head Archetect when Da Vinci painted Pope Alexander’s 2nd son, Cesare Borgia, as the White christ. That’s that Christ you see now in all the Churches of Christianity that criss-cross our world today. IT’S A FRAUD PEOPLE, AND YOU/WE ARE WORSHIPING A MAN-MADE DEMON. Arius of Libya at the time to the Catholic Wars with the black Ottoman rule told the council of Ephesus that the Egyptians never worshiped the human dichotomy as black worship was to the one God (Monotheism), the honor to ancestor and the worship of Nature. The white man wanted something else. Constantine then ordered a commission to relegate Arius to expulsion from the church of Mesophyte coptic church. Arius was eventually murdered with poison after being reinstated back into the church (Roman) and only after constantine ordered the decree to burn down the Library of Alexzandria, and the eccommunication of all Coptic egyptians of of the Coptic churches. You now have your basis for the creating to a pagan church built on SUPERSTITION (Religion).

      New Zealand

    • Thank you, Chiara. Everyone should check out that link. If your Italian is actually worse than mine, cut & paste it to Google translate. (In other words, open up 2 screens at the same time, with the article on the first screen, and in the second screen google “translate from Italian to English”, then cut & paste from one screen to the other.) It is worth reading.


  2. The Bible describes Jesus as having hair like wool and skin of brass or bronze. The art that depicts Jesus completely flies in the face of the Bible subscriptions. When Herod was killing all the first borns Jesus was taken into Egypt to hide in a land where people had color plain and simple. The passages in the Bible are more obscure than the art that depicts Jesus which is blatant and in your face. I remember once upon a time at a construction job I was on after having some conversation my supervisor said to me so you think Jesus was black. I said I don’t think he was black like me but I don’t think he was white like you either to which he had no answer. There are too many that likes to perpetuate lies in order to prop themselves up and unfortunately there are too many that are happy to swallow the lies.

    Coral Springs, Fl USA

  3. The 2nd eldest son to Rodrigues Boglia (a.k.a. Pope Alexander V1) was Cesare Boglia who fell in love with Leonardo Devinci so that by order of the Pope (his Father) Cesare’s bust now adorns all the christian church across the globe no thanks to Leonardo. The two had an extravagant homosexual relationship and that relationship gifted Leonardo permission to create weapons of war, paint all over Venice and Italy. Alexander wanted the removal of all black Hebrew paintings,statues and the like and that meant gutting the Vatican by removal and replacing with the likeness of his son Cesare. Alexander Boglia KNEW that there was no president for a white Christ as all of Europe knew that the True Christ was black. I have the history of the Boglia family with me that I can reference on such occasions as this. The other artist of great fame and renown is MichaelAngelo Desoto who refuse to paint Cesare Boglia aas the new white christ and was summorily dismissed.

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