Whitewash – Nefertiti Skintone Controversy


by Al Bloomfield
Monday February 12, 2018

BRISTOL, ENGLAND – Bristol University unveiled a radical, facial reconstruction of the ancient Queen Nefertiti. She reigned over ancient Egypt over the 3,000 years ago, with her religious revolutionary husband, Pharaoh Amenhotep IV. The radical aspect of this peculiar version of the ancient Queen is that the bust looks suspiciously Caucasian, even though the skin-tone of the image of the world-famous bust of Nefertiti (created in 1345 BC by Thutmose the Sculptor)portrays her as what many would call a “fair mulatto” or “light-skinned black” woman.
Researchers responsible for the 3-D bust used 3-D imaging technology to get the face right based on what is believed to be the Queen’s mummy. But for the skin-tone, researchers decided not to use the skin-tone as depicted in her famous bust, but used a lighter skin-tone which was more Caucasian in nature.

This alleged “whitewashing” caused an angry firestorm of controversy throughout social media. The 3-D image-based bust, which is admittedly fairer in skin complexion than the ancient bust based on the actual person, was denounced universally as a “whitewash”. However, Dr. Aiden Dotson, an Egyptologist at Bristol University, defended his decision to “whitewash” the bust stating, “The sculptor used images of modern Egyptian women as her reference point for skin colour – but under the studio lights it looked lighter than ‘in real life,’ in which the bust is consistent with many of my Egyptian friends.” What Egyptians look like today – having completely intermarried with the descendants of Arab conquerors – would not necessarily be what Egyptians looked like during the time of Queen Nefertiti when the Arabs were still in Arabia.

Sources of information for this report included CNN.

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  1. There has always been this psychological need by certain people to make the Egyptians seem as white as possible. We have seen this in such classic movies like Cecil B DeMille’s 10 Commandments. We have seen this in Napoleon Bonaparte hardening his foreign policy towards blacks and mulattos in Haiti after his return from Egypt where it was alleged that his soldiers shot off the nose of the Sphinx because it looked like a black man’s nose.

    Prior to Egypt, Napoleon had no opinions against the emancipation, enfranchisement and national inclusion of blacks and mulattos in Haiti as Frenchmen. His island home of Corsica had been, just a generation before him, Italian for thousands of years. Now all Corsicans were Frenchmen. One of Napoleon’s own generals in Egypt – Thomas Alexandre Dumas – was a mulatto from Haiti whose bravery Napoleon praised calling him “the Horatio of the Tyrol”.

    After Egypt, Dumas no longer had a job and Napoleon started talking publicly of the “need” to prevent black progress in the world which would become French foreign policy against Haiti. According to Napoleon, “My decision to destroy the authority of the blacks in St. Dominque (Haiti) is not so much based on considerations of commerce and money, as on the need to block forever the march of the blacks in the World!”

    The resultant backlash from the African-American community over the undue “whitening” of ancient Egypt has been to declare ancient Egypt a historically black civilization.

    Since I have studied the question of Egypt for over 30 years with an objective eye, I am quite aware that there were a number of pharaohs who were entirely white. And I’m not simply referring to Alexander the Great and his short-lived son Alexander IV of Macedon, who were both Pharaohs of Egypt, or of Ptolemy Soter – a Greek Macedonian general and friend of Alexander the Great who founded the Macedonian or Ptolemaic dynasty, of which Cleopatra was the last reigning member. There were other pharaohs who were quite white. And unless one is blind, any observation of Egyptian art shows that the Egyptian people ran the gambit from tan-skinned white to brown-skinned black with all shadings in between. The jet black people you sometimes see in Egyptian art were almost always not Egyptians but Nubians from the South. Given the clear Caucasian presence in ancient Egypt – from top to bottom – I’m not sure if such a civilization can truly and honestly be termed historically black. In hindsight, is 20th century Rhodesia a vestige of white civilization, or an example of a suppressed black civilization?

    Part of the anger in the African-American community (especially from the educated black bourgeois) towards Queen Nefertiti being depicted as a white woman, is that she has always been seen in the black community as a person of color. Literally, it probably would be more accurate to describe her as a fair mulatto. But there are African-Americans who believe mulattos who are about 90% white and barely 10% black are somehow 100% black. In that case of poor math, a vast majority of ancient Egyptian civilization begins to look “black”. But most West Indians, all of Latin America and Africans don’t agree with this sort of poor racial math in which 10% equals 100%. Yet what is racially indisputable is that Nefertiti, her husband Amenhotep, and even the celebrated “King Tut” – all stripped of their regality – would all have had to go to the back of the bus in the 1950s South.

    Al Bloomfield
    Belleview, Florida USA

  2. They want to whitewash ancient Egyptian culture because they can’t stand the fact that a lot of the ancient Egyptians were black. They can’t stand that a great society that left behind great teachings and wonders of the world had a lot of black people in that culture.They cannot whitewash Tutankhamun so they’ll whitewash his mother. If you want to say she was white or very light skinned well…. she gave birth to a black child either way. They have done their job well because whenever black history comes around most of it is spent on the accomplishments of blacks after slavery. They don’t want us to know that there was greatness in Black societies that goes back to antiquity. A lot of us act as if Africa was not great long time before the white man ever came to it so I guess they’ve done their job well but not well enough. Some of these so-called scientists have even done DNA tests on ancient mummies to try to say that they were not black or have said the tests were inconclusive. In most cases of ancient mummies they sure as hell weren’t able to say they were white. I guess it’s in some people’s nature to try to say that they are greater than everyone else and try to relegate others to being less than them when there’s all evidence to the contrary. They try to twist and pervert history just to teach lies spread lies so they can feel Superior. They have to lie. When the truth doesn’t suit then they changed the rules. They do this all the time. When black people were first allowed to play college basketball they took the game to a whole new level. They were dunking on the white people. White people couldn’t dunk so they change the rules to make it illegal to dunk, that’s how they are. They can’t deal with reality so they change things to suit themselves.I guess they prefer perpetuating a fantasy rather than accepting the truth.


  3. Why white people always have to go racial with black people, rather than state facts? To me it must be their “false fragile uplifted ego” towards the black race. White Supremist beliefs actually proven wrong. Black soldiers, black civilzations, black athletes, black cultures, black inventors they know are and were great, however their racial pride makes them deny the truth, attack it and brainwash others. They to me are perverted, twisted and manipulated agents of demonic power down here to racially exalt themselves and breed racial hate. Always trying to exalt themselves above every race in humankind. It doesnt make any common sense whatsoever to use so much propaganda, lies, plus white imagery towards the african kings and queens. Present day movies, such as Exodus (which I never watched, but saw clips) still white washes Egypt. Do blacks have a problem with white European Roman Emperors being depicted publicly. I doubt it. However, the have problem with Black Pharoahs. Why is that? The devils brainwashing of white racial exaltation. This just makes me further realize Jesus Christ didnt resemble any European. Because even if the Bible stated He was brownskinned they would still display him as being a white man to protect their inflated white ego.

    Ocala, Florida USA

  4. The Bible stills says they were brown skinned, it just does not use that word, and the only reason I know what color, “bronze” is because aluminum windows and doors come from the manufacture in two colors, white and bronze which is really white and black for all purposes.

    In God’s covenant with Israel, He promised them that if they followed His law, that they would basicly never know they had any enemies, however, if they did not live by the covenant, they would be beaten and enslaved and tortured in all manners and their children also. Enter the white skinned devil. Whom do you think got the job of torturing and enslaving God’s own tribe of Israel? Well my guess is us pesky white guys.

    So here is the question I have been pondering: There is only one race that has been enslaved in recent memory, excuding the Federal Reserve debt notes and welfare, which I am sure most folks have trouble understanding why they are the same as slavery. The tribe of Israel has been beat down a path going around the world until some scholars believe that America is the modern day Israel, because so many of you are here.

    You have forgotten who you are and what power you have behind you. All you need is some faith and start asking to know the Father’s will, and you won’t even see that white devil anymore. Make sure you go check these facts out for yourself, do not believe me.

    Oh by the way if you haven’t seen it, There was a sitcom called “Good Times” S01E02 episode in the 70’s, where the militant son was asking his mother why are the pictures of Jesus as a white man when the Bible said that they were brown. https://youtu.be/2gMpR7aGC_M


  5. White washing history is nothing new. It the invention cannot be taken; then the inventor is murdered. For some reason there is this need to believe that nothing good comes from the black race. Egypt proves these people wrong. There is greatness in our genetic code. That’s why so many teachers only teach of our greatness after slavery as if that period helped us instead of holding us back. If we truly knew our history our heroes and sheroes would change. And maybe so many of our young blacks would want to do better than swaping a plantation for a prison cell.


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