Rejection! Open Door Community Church & Evangelical Bible Mission’s “Boys’ Camp” Voted Down by County Planning & Zoning Commission

by Al Bloomfield

Tuesday April 25, 2017

OCALA, FLORIDA – At the Monday evening meeting of the Marion County Planning & Zoning Commission, the highly controversial Open-Door Community Church & Evangelical Bible Mission, of Summerfield, was unanimously (6 to 0) voted down by commissioners in that church’s desire to bypass DCF and establish a “small primitive kids’ camp” in the Ocklawaha area. Local residents have risen up in a furor over the issue. Only nine people – including Gerald Bustin (the church leader), his wife Roana Bustin, and daughter Wendy Gallegos – spoke in favor of it. 25 people from the affected area spoke against it. No commissioner was inclined to support Mr. Bustin’s effort. The final decision will be made at a meeting of the Marion County Commission on May 16th in Ocala.

Sources of information for this report included Marion County government.

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