Déjà vu or Redux? Gerald Bustin Seeks Boys Camp in Ocklawaha years after child molestation At His Daycare, Royal Child Academy

by Al Bloomfield
Friday April 14, 2017

OCKLAWAHA, FLORIDA – Gerald Bustin of Open-Door Community Church and Evangelical Bible Mission of Summerfield is trying in Ocklawaha to start a children’s camp despite the fact that he probably could never get a DCF license to do this to a daycare facility because of child molestation at his church’s now defunct daycare – Royal Child Academy.

Back in 2010, David Lanham was charged with multiple counts of child molestation while working for Gerald Bustin and Wendy Gallegos of Open-Door Community Church and Evangelical Bible Mission at their church’s daycare facility – Royal Child Academy. The daycare was subsequently closed. However, Gerald Bustin and Wendy Gallegos continued to support David Lanham – a member of the church – by going so far as to have their church’s lawyer represent Mr. Lanham in court against the charges leveled by the many child victims. In is currently unclear, but Gerald Bustin may be trying to get around DCF so that he church can work with little kids again without opening up a daycare facility.

Mr. Bustin is planning to open what he calls a “small primitive kids’ camp” just north of Ocklawaha on 10 acres of land. He has made an application to the Marion County Planning & Zoning Commission to get a special use permit on this land which is zoned agricultural so he can have a kids’ camp without the formality of going through DCF. There seems to be some local opposition to this proposal by affected neighbors. On April 24th at 5:30 pm there will be a County hearing on whether Mr. Bustin will be allowed to do this and get around DCF standards that protect children from potential abuse.

Sources of information for this report included investigative journalism.

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