Ash Wednesday Massacre – Florida School Shooting

by Al Bloomfield
Friday February 17, 2018

PARKLAND, FLORIDA, USA – On Friday police arrested suspected mass murderer Nikolas Jacob Cruz for the shooting deaths of 17 innocent people during the Ash Wednesday Massacre at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School on Wednesday, February 14, 2018. Based on an arrest affidavit, Nikolas Cruz, 19, who is being held without bond, has already confessed to the shootings. According to police and court records, on Wednesday February 14th, Nikolas Cruz used an Uber driver to get to Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. He was dropped off at 2:19 pm. Because the high school was preparing for dismissal, the gates of the school were unlocked to allow buses and cars to enter the campus. He wore a school shirt (apparently to blend in as a student) and carried a black duffel bag and black backpack. But a staffer recognized him and warned a coworker by radio. It wasn’t enough.

Around 2:20 pm, a 15-year-old student encountered the suspect loading a rifle inside a school bathroom on the second floor. Nikolas Cruz told the student, “You’d better get out of here. Things are going to start getting messy.” The student complied with the directive, fled the bathroom and alerted a staffer.

A minute later, Nikolas Cruz activated a fire alarm inside the school causing students to fill the hallways for an evacuation. Having toward his targets out into the open, Nikolas Cruz opened fire upon the children in a first floor hallway using a .223 caliber AK 15 semiautomatic rifle. When a school staffer heard the gunfire, a “code red” was broadcast over the intercom thus placing the entire campus on lockdown. Students and teachers ran for cover in various classrooms. Some students were able to flee the campus entirely taking refuge in nearby Walmart. Nikolas Cruz shot up for classrooms on the first floor before proceeding to the second floor where he continued to fire his weapon. It’s been estimated that over 100 rounds were fired by the suspect. Meanwhile, the police were receiving multiple 911 calls reporting the gunfire at the school.

Around 2:25 pm the shooting stopped. At this point Nikolas Cruz, was located at a third-floor stairwell, gets rid of his rifle as well as his backpack. He runs downstairs, blends in with fleeing students, and fleas the gunshot fire taking refuge with the other survivors at Walmart. While at Walmart, he relaxes over a cool drink at the Subway restaurant located inside Walmart. Then he walks to a McDonald’s.

Around 2:50 pm, Broward County Sheriff’s deputies arrived on the scene and encounter students leaving the building. At 2:56 PM, law enforcement alerts the public that the school shooter is still at large and that citizen should avoid the area. At around 3 pm, Nikolas Cruz leaves McDonald’s. At 3:10 pm FBI agents arrived as well as more police officers. Many students were still located in various classrooms.

At 3:40 pm, a police officer found Nikolas Cruz in the 1400 block area of Windham Lakes Boulevard South in Coral Gables. The gunmen surrendered without any resistance. At 4:27 pm Nikolas Cruz was rushed to Broward Health North Hospital for breathing difficulties. He was compassionately treated and then released back into police custody. At 6 PM, Broward County police publicly identified Nikolas Cruz as the school shooter. Nikolas Cruz was booked at the Broward County Sheriff’s office, charged the following day with 17 counts of premeditated murder, and ordered held without bail.

On Friday February 17th, CNN revealed that Nikolas Cruz participated in a private Instagram group chat called “Murica”. In it, the shooter constantly advocated racist, anti-Semitic and homophobic points of view with a predilection for violence and the use of guns. Most of the group conversation revolved around six people including the suspect. Nikolas Cruz seriously discussed murdering Mexicans, returning African-Americans to chains, and cutting their throats. The gunmen wrote in the group chat, “I hate jews, ni**gers, immigrants” going so far as to say that he hated black people simply because they were black. A loner, he spewed his hatred for white women – especially those who dated into racially. He wrote that he hated Jews because it’s his belief that the Jews want to destroy Earth (even though they live on it). This is also a curious position as he admitted in the group that his birth mother (he was adopted) was a Jew (for which he is glad he never knew her). He also wrote of his hatred for gays, granting his approval to, “Shoot them in

the back of the head.” In his first message to his friends on “Murica”, Nikolas Cruz bragged that after writing a letter to President Donald Trump at the White House, the president was kind enough to write him a reply.

Source of information for this report included USA Today, CNN, MSNBC, ABC and Fox News.

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  1. Its really terrible that this happened. Its becoming quite common in the US. I believe the gun laws should be tightened even more. I wonder what made that guy get a gun and start shooting everyone in sight. Pure sickness. 😕

    Kuala Lumpur

  2. The FBI and local police have been criticized for failing to prevent this slaughter. What were their options? Surveillance requires manhours, detaining someone under the Baker Act due to mental instability has a limited timeline and detention facilities are even more limited. The entry onto campus was rightfully open for the end of school day, the school building was put on lockdown, did that prevent the armed officer from entering??? The only sane solution would be to make it unlawful to sell or own an automatic assault military-type weapon by civilians. Those owned by civilians could be repurchased by the government for use by National Guard and the Military, surely, we can trust them to keep us safe from invasion.


  3. It’s easy to consider this tragic event the making of a mad man, but in my opinion his psychological profile should be thoroughly investigated. What made him do this? Being a racist, homophobic, etc. is nothing new (unfortunately) but this doesn’t explain a random shooting at young students, since most of them didn’t even fit his demented target categories.
    This is something other than Islamic terrorists who organize similar shootings out of religious beliefs or in their opinion, ‘delivering justice / retribution’. I guess the first step in avoiding such acts is understanding what was going on in this boy’s (sick) mind. Then, of course, there is the open discussion about gun laws and how easily it is to get one in USA. Similar to buying liquor or most pharmacy drugs here. But there is no comparison in the effects though…

    Galati, Romania

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